LED-indicator lights

By clearly visible illumination of the LED, a light visually provides the user with the indication that a technical device or application, such as an electronic device, is being used. an industrial machine is active. Control lamps are used in almost every area of ??application, such as in the household (installed on stove or dishwasher, etc.) in computer technology or in vehicle technology. All indicator lights in our range, have a mounting diameter of Ø 12 mm and are available in different LED colors. The head shape of the lamp is flat and made of stainless steel.

Ø12mm control lamp with blue / yellow / red / white / green LED lighting

Currently our LED control lights are available in five different colors. High-quality manufacturing, directly from the manufacturer Metzler-Trade, guarantee longevity and safe performance. Due to the mounting diameter of Ø 12 mm, the flat head shape and the spot illumination, countless possible uses of the indicator light are conceivable. LED voltage: 6-24 V.

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