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LED-Drucktaster Edelstahl - The online shop for logic elements from high-grade steel with LED lighting

as a manufacturer and general importer for pressure tracer LED and V2A of rotary switches we offer to you exactly the logic element which you also need really for your quite individual purpose. By our long-standing experience we have specialised in qualitatively high-quality tracers and counters from rustproof high-grade steel in the protective class IP 67.

, On this occasion, are as varied the ranges of application for our products as our product-port folio. Beside the application in industrial companies like the automobile industry or metal building contractors our push button switches are also suitable very well for the vehicle tuning and the model construction. Particularly are to be emphasised here also boat and yachts construction, because all our Tastelemente are sea-water resistant.

What distinguishes us:
  • More than 500 different models Pressure tracer & Rotary switch in the assortment from as well as more than 100,000 products directly from camp available.
  • All logic elements from V2A high-grade steel and IP 67 dust and spritzwassergeschützt
  • manufacturer-direct distribution from Germany without intertraders
  • internal quality assurance and material testing at the highest level
  • more than 8 years of experience in the area of the pressure tracers LED
  • More than 200,000 contented customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • dispatch in more than 80% of the cases still on the day of the online shop order

The big assortment:

high-grade steel pressure tracer and push button switch in different diameters with LED point and ring lighting

All the same for which application; we have the suitable pressure tracer in the shop. Beside resting logic elements we also offer the feeling counters which close the contact only during the Tastens. Because for different purposes and the easy differentiation of the tracers various colours are needed, we offer at the moment pressure tracer LED with the following colours of point lighting LED, symbolic lighting and LED-Ringbeleuchtungen: Know, blue, Yellow, green, Red, orange, turquoise and Light blue.

There according to purpose also the tension precipitates differently, we offer logic elements for 6-24 V, direct current (DC) as well as 230 V and change stream (AC). The switch achievement of our high-grade steel counters amounts as a rule to 5A / 250 V of AC.

Depending on which application you with our tracers realise, need another function of the counter. They find jailer, opener and moneychanger with us.

rotary switch, key counter and need from counter from V2A

Particularly for customers from the industry are highly interesting ours emergency-from counter and our key counters. With a key counter the counter is only serveable if the employee has the correct key. One emergency-from counter